Our Tour

Our visits commence with a whole day of studying the near 1000 year pre-war history of Polish Jewry. The tour encompasses the origins of the community, from the Statute of Kalisz to the the story of Rabbi Musa Isserles, the Schulchan Aruch and the Golden Age; from the partitions of Poland and the ever changing Imperial status of Galicia; from the wonderful mystic traditions of the Ba’al Shem Tov to the intellectual foundations of the Vila Gaon and the Yeshivas.

Our tour touches on it all.

Unique Tour Access

As part of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, our tours offer access to areas of the camps off limits to the general public. This is to ensure your students get a more comprehensive understanding of :
a) the functioning of the camp but more importantly;
b) the structural systems put in place by the Nazi regime to limit contact between the Nazi perpetrators and those they dehumanised and murdered.
In so doing we hope students are able to reflect deeper on the Shoah and what it means for their lives going forward.

Thank you

What an incredible generation of young people we’ve had these last 12 months. When Bradford Grammar visited this time last year, I thought it would be difficult to top the experience. Reflective, critical thinking yet empathetic, a sheer joy to engage.

But each school followed in a similar vein. Oakbank, Rivington, Oldham Academy, Hartpury and Wetherby to mention but a few….you are all the bearers of light in a darkening world.

Thank you all